Issue Driven Films

Completed: "Snakebite Protection "Chronicles"
Currently in Pre-Production: "Mr. Folsey"
Currently in Pre-Production: "Oath"
Currently Filming: "Caste System: Beyond the Moon"

Hyperfex Online Network

Hyperfex On-Line Network produces an array of unique issue-oriented vignettes and serialized films varying in scope and complexity for the on-line community.

Hyperfex Production Industries

Hyperfex Production Industries showcases a catalogue of big-ticket theatrical releases committed to bringing audiences original quality informational entertainment.

Hyperfex Independent Films

Hyperfex Independent Films emphasizes diverse authorships and varying points of views to bring relevance to societal topics in American cinema.

Hyperfex, LLC is a multi-functional entertainment production network that merges entertainment and issue oriented information through the mediums of film, music, and digital animation. Hyperfex binds these mediums together with a singular important thread stitched through each piece of entertainment: Issue. By bringing these various forms of entertainment together, Hyperfex acts as an apparatus that encourages corporation, community and the entertainment industry to take an active role in shaping original forms of entertainment through issues. The result is the broadening of access to that type of entertainment; ensuring that the media our viewers watch is candid, uncensored, and perhaps most importantly, Truthful.